Our Challengers

Roy Grimes

Four months ago I weighed nearly 21 stone and had been very overweight for a good number of years. I have always wanted to lose the weight but could never achieve it no matter how hard I tried. During the last 4 months I have managed to lose a shed a massive 5 stone, that's a whole child or a German shepherd! No comments please!  What’s more in order to achieve my challenge, I have to lose even more weight and then keep it off! With
the potential of raising much cash for a worthy cause, I am keen to succeed. Loosing weight is one thing, but I also need to get myself fighting fit so that I have the stamina to complete this challenge.

So now, this brings me to the challenge itself. My challenge is twofold.

1. Train hard, lose the weight and get myself fit!

2. The big push, cycle hard  over 900 miles from Lands End and John O’ Groats!

I’m genuinely not sure which part of the challenge scares me the most.  So in sponsoring me to do this challenge you will be supporting the tireless work done by Epilepsy Bereaved, as well motivating me to work as hard as I can over the next 18 months to get fit and complete the daunting cycle ride.

Lee Wardle

At 13.5 stone I will concede that I am not mahooosive, however i’m very “cuddly” around the edges, very unfit and monumentally unmotivated. I used to cycle a lot, and used to be fit but beer is awesome, so is chocolate, crisps, fast food, sitting on the sofa watching scrap heap challenge…. I’m the kind of bloke that needs a goal and lots of pushing to get motivated. Case in point I’m spending lots of time updating the website and blogs rather than just getting out on my bike! Ok Ok I’m going!!!

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